The Raymo Cup


Brandon Raymo

An assistant director at Minnesota River Education District who loves daiquiris.  He is a four time champion in bowling.  Brandon was the runner-up of the Raymo Cup in 2016.

Dusty "Raymo"

An agronomist who can chip it close to the pin.  Dusty claimed the first ever Toilet Trophy and was the runner-up of the Raymo Cup in 2011 and 2021.

Greg Raymo

The President of First State Bank Southwest. A consistent golfer who doesn’t make mistakes. Greg is a four time champion. He was also the winner of the bowling title in 2010 and bags in 2017 and 2019.

Ethan "Raymo"

A Zimmerman native who made his debut in the Raymo Cup in 2015.  Ethan is known to drop a long putt or two.  He was the bags champion in 2021

Jeremy Raymo

A Shocker who is automatic for the big, clutch putt.  He was a co-champion in 2010 claiming his first title.

Jim Raymo

A truck driving, glove spitting, coffee drinking animal. He made a very impressive debut in the 2005 Cup as the leader by 5 strokes after 27 holes.  He is always good for a "memorable moment".

Josh Raymo

A math teacher and football coach at Foley High School.  He is a nine time winner of the Raymo Cup.  Josh was the bowling champion in 2011 and 2012 and the winner of the first bags tournament in 2011.

JT "Raymo"

A long hitting salesman who can put it close to the pin and is always good for a clutch putt or three.  In 2015, JT was the champion in both bowling and golf. 

Nicholas Raymo

A monster hitting salesman off the tee. He is a five time winner of the Raymo Cup.   Nicholas also won the bowling title in 2014.

Paul Raymo

A salesman and a sportscaster for KLQP. You can count on Paul to make some big putts each and every year. He claimed his first victory in the Raymo Cup in 2006.

Travis "Raymo"

Travis is an electrician who made an electrifying debut in 2015.  He has won the bags title in 2018 and 2020.